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Hospice care is not about giving up, it's about letting others step in to help you live each day to the fullest. We enable patients and their families to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.

Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Effective hospice care relies on the experience, skill and compassion of our nurses, therapists, aides and others. We carefully select and train caregivers to adhere to the highest standards in home health. Call us to learn more about our Medicare-certified services.

Inpatient Hospice Care

24-hour attention in a private room on the campus of St. Martin's in the Pines. Inpatient care is available for those unable to continue hospice at home.

Call us 24/7 at 205-635-3878

Medicare-certified hospice care benefits

  • Support from licensed hospice professionals
  • Home medical equipment, medication and personal care supplies
  • Spiritual care and support
  • Respite care (relief) for family caregivers
  • We Honor Veterans top-level status
  • Care provided wherever you call home, whether it be a nursing facility, hospital or your personal residence

Hospice is a Medicare benefit you have earned

Hospice nursing support

Hospice is a Medicare benefit you have earned

Did you know that hospice is fully covered by Medicare? That’s right, you can rest assured that nursing services, medications, supplies and equipment are covered when there is a diagnosis requiring hospice care.

Palliative Care

Palliative care offers patients and their families an extra layer of relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness. It is available at any stage of a serious illness and can be provided along with curative treatment.