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care at home

Whether recovering from surgery, illness or coping with a chronic condition, home can be an ideal place to receive care. Home health care options are often less expensive than a hospital, rehabilitation facility or a nursing home.

Infusion therapy offers the convenience and safety of professional care at home. Many people prefer home IV therapy because it offers greater independence and flexibility. Studies show IV therapy at home is just as effective as therapy in a clinical setting. It often costs less and many patients say they recovery faster and with less stress.

Palliative Care provides relief from the pain, symptoms and the stress of a serious illness. Patients may continue curative treatments and move in and out of palliative services as needed. Support includes:

  • Managing complex pain and other symptoms
  • Emotions support for patients and families
  • Reducing the side effects of medications or treatments
  • Planning your healthcare goals and priorities

We believe that every day of life has meaning. That's why your comfort, safety and quality of life guide every step of our care. A life-limiting illness should not define who you are. With the help of our attentive and professional hospice team, you will find peace and meaningful moments together.

The four types of hospice care are:

  • Routine home care
  • Continuous care
  • Inpatient care
  • Respite care (relief) for family caregivers